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Is the darkness standing in your way of looking for a dependable electrician with a proper and valid license? Then let this be a light that makes things clear for you. Our estimate service will give you up to 4 quotes from qualified electricians within 48 hours. This allows you to avoid all the tedious research and tiresome magnitude of phone calls to all the contractors around your area and just easily compare electrical service providers and sort out which contractor might fit according to your needs. The quotes from the contractors, we gather it for free for you. The only thing which is needed to be kept in mind is the lowest estimate doesn’t always mean it’s the best electrician for your project. Therefore, we help you find the best electricians within your given budget.

You don’t have any financial obligations

We will not ask you for a penny for our estimate service. The electricians will provide you with the free quote for which you will not be charged a single penny. Under any circumstance, we will never ask you to reveal your financial details and our service will remain free no matter how many quotes you request.

We provide you only the best-suited contractors as per your requirements. But it is not necessary for you to go forward with our services if your needs are not adequately met.

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Once you fill out our contact form, we gather local market intelligence to provide you estimates within 48 hours, thereby suiting your needs. Since we will work things out for you, you will not have to take out time from your busy schedules to shoot arrows in the dark by calling up every other electrician in your area. We believe in organizing our work perfectly so that our service users don’t have to face any extra hassle. We shall narrow things down to give you only the best options available within your area, adjusting perfectly to the electrical needs of the house that may range from installing and repairing a home generator, installing new wires along with switches, replacing or installing electrical outlets, initializing Smart Home Automation systems to even replacing or upgrading your electrical panel.

We help avoid any sort of wastage of time.

Get the best value

We simply do not choose the cheapest electrical services but our core as well as technical teams take up every quotation inquiry seriously and match up value for money services; thereby, providing you only the best deals in your area. Our estimate service is provided for the entire state of Florida; like licensed electricians in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County or anywhere in the state.  We have hundreds of Florida electrical contractors in our network that will provide a world-class services.

With hundreds of contractors within our reach, we are able to cover every kind of electrical service: Installing circuit breakers, light switches and fixtures, smart house systems, solar panels, backup generator, ceiling fan, or rewiring a house or even upgrading an electrical panel – name it and we will provide you the best contractor for it.

Sometimes we get emails from homeowners asking “how much does a federal pacific electric panel replacement cost” or “what’s the cost to replace a fuse box with breaker panel”. The simple answer is let our network of qualified electricians come out and give you a no obligation quote.

No task is insignificant to us. You ask us and we will always get back to you within a timely manner with the best possible choices.

It is our responsibility to make things easier for you by looking for the most qualified professional for your project.

Costs and Savings

Once you pick the electrician that best fits your needs, they will quote you a price and you will have the option to move forward with their estimate. Some professionals charge by the hour, some have fixed rates, however, only experts will be able to determine the number of hours that would be necessary to complete the electrical project.

The electric panel replacement cost or the cost to install a brand new one is around one thousand and one hundred US dollars for a 200-amp panel. However, the cost will differ for a panel with 100, 150, 200 and 400-amp capacities.

The average cost of installing or upgrading a home generator is three to five hundred US dollars which includes the electricians’ services which is subject to fluctuate.

Installing new wiring and switches may cost between six hundred to two thousand US dollars. The average cost of setting up Smart Home Automation systems falls around 1,200 US dollars.

Important Note – These are very general estimates listed above. Your actual quote might differ with the above quotes depending upon the location or the size of the area where the actual work needs to be done. Therefore, to receive an individual estimate for your home, fill out the contact form on our website and let us handle the rest.

Fill out the contact form today and get specific quotes for your electrical needs.

Additional note: Each homeowner needs to do their own additional independent due diligence on the suggested contractors to insure they meet your standards